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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Buy viagra online canada paypal, Viagra side effects testimonials

St. Patrick’s Day begins the most exciting 4 week period of the entire year! Ever! To start ‐ my Birthday is March 18th. (In lieu of gifts or treats, make donations to Dubois County Humane Society at or your local Humane Society) The 4 weeks beginning with St. Patrick’s Day are loaded with March…

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Income Tax Projections

Income tax projections are a tax & financial planning tool that we proactively utilize with our  clients in order to have a complete understanding of their tax & financial matters so as to  minimize taxes, but also to provide planning in other financial areas. These projections do not  stop with us – We work with…

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Affordable Care Act and You

I want to get down to business with this blog – No I have not read the entire 33,000 page healthcare bill, nor the entire 20,000 pages of rules and regulations associated with the law! But I do know what you need to know for your 2013 tax return! What you need to know for 2013:…

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