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Home » Financial Planning » Income Tax Projections

Buy viagra online canadian - Online viagra in australia

Income tax projections are a tax & financial planning tool that we proactively utilize with our  clients in order to have a complete understanding of their tax & financial matters so as to  minimize taxes, but also to provide planning in other financial areas. These projections do not  stop with us – We work with other advisors you may already have on your team to ensure the best financial situation for you!
Tax planning primarily involves:
     1. Reduction of income.
     2. Reviewing tax withholding & estimated payments.
     3. Increasing deductions and credits.
Tax projections are very beneficial for those:
     1. With fluctuating income from year to year (Business Owners, Commission Based Income, Etc…)
     2. Who have had a life changing event (Move, Family, Job Change, Etc…)
     3. Who have fluctuating and unpredictable investments & gains.
     4. Who want to take a proactive approach with their financial situation.
     5. With improper wage withholding or estimated payments.
Call us today to begin proactively tackling your tax & financial situation for 2014!
Derek C. Smith, CPA

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