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Reduce your worries and stress by letting a skilled team take care of your tax preparation. Edgewater Tax Group can handle your state and/or federal tax returns for this year and help you make beneficial changes for next year. We’re based out of Carmel, IN, and we take pride in helping people throughout the region.

We keep current with the changing tax laws, and we’ll take steps to minimize the chances of you being audited. Our professionals will help you find and take the deductions for which you qualify while ensuring your return complies with IRS guidelines. We’re happy to offer tax preparation services to:
Estates and trusts
Rather than struggling to figure out your taxes on your own, you should retain the services of an experienced team of professionals. Edgewater Tax Group is one of the most trusted names in the Greater Indianapolis area, so call us today to make a convenient appointment to take advantage of our reliable tax preparation services.

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